The best installations of solar panels for self-consumption

We take care of everything: design, permits, installation, start-up, legalization and grant applications on your behalf.

We offer you the best self-consumption photovoltaic installations.

Tailor-made, flexible, modular and scalable

They fit your budget and energy needs, now and later. Our facilities adapt to you and grow with your needs.

You can add panels if your consumption increases, for example if you buy an electric car, install air conditioning with heat pump or aerothermal.

You can also add batteries when needed. And if you want to install them now, we offer you the best batteries, SONNEN brand.

Efficient, reliable and with the highest warranty in the market.

We have selected for our installations the best solar panels, SUNPOWER brand, and the best microinverters, ENPHASE brand.

The winning combination: SUNPOWER + ENPHASE.

Highest quality. reliability and efficiency, with a 25-year warranty, which will ensure maximum energy production and profitability. QCD Advisory is an official installer of SUNPOWER, ENPHASE and SONNEN.

All components of our installations are of the highest quality and reliability.

Installed by accredited professionals and at the best prices.

Safe and simple

They do not require DC protection due to their low voltage.

There is also no risk of fire or explosion.


Advantages of QCD Advisory’s installations over the competition

Other suppliers

  • polycrystalline silicon
  • Little-known low-cost brands
  • Efficiency 17%.
  • Warranty 10 years
  • Production guarantee in year 25 80%

Our partners

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